Nordlandet seeks energetic and passionate waiters.

About the position

We pride ourselves in dedicated, thoughtful service for our guests, and for our employees, we are committed to maintaining a positive, relaxed working environment with a great deal of community spirit. All with the breath-taking backdrop of Bornholm’s rocky coast.

Nordlandet features both a gourmet bistro, open for lunch and dinner while focusing on local, seasonal produce. As well as a cosy cocktail bar, ’Underbar’, where guests can grab a drink, snacks, and a chat.

We offer top of the line staff accommodation, available for all staff, 200 m. from the hotel premises. Each room features a private shower and w/c, and the property itself boasts a multitude of communal facilities. There are also some tax-related benefits available by working on Bornholm.

So, if you would like to join an experienced, organized team, all while enjoying summer on Denmark’s Baltic pearl, then we look forward to hearing from you! 

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