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When it comes to standard-, steel-, or chemical fixings, craftsmen and professionals worldwide rely on the innovative products, systems and services provided by fischer.

About fischer

For over 50 years, fischer has been delivering fixings solutions of the highest quality and safety worldwide. Today, fischer is one of the leading suppliers of fixing materials in the Nordic region.

We offer a wide range of products such as nylon plugs, steel anchors, screws and chemical fixings for the DIY and professional user, as well as specialized products for different projects. Everything is possible.

Our products

As the first company in the world, fischer has launched a product range made from recyclable materials, in line with environmental responsibility.

We also have specialized products including: SaMontec, a complete installation system for pipe fixings; A|C|T, an aesthetic and easy-to-install façade system for natural stone fixings; Solar-fix, the mounting solution for solar panels; the electrical fastener E-Fix - and much more.

No job is too big or small

Our reference projects include the Copenhagen Metro, the Öresund Tunnel and the Öresund Bridge. No job is too big or too small. You can find fischer’s products at leading retailers, builders merchants and timber merchants.