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Hitalento was founded in 2021 with the mission of making recruitment easy and accessible for small and medium enterprises. The aim is to empower, inspire, and help our clients build a strong and sustainable process around all aspects of recruitment. Our system is intuitive, easy to use, and contains the essentials of recruitment in a few simple steps – attracting 2-10 times more applicants than complicated, traditional solutions. Does that sound like something you might be interested in? If yes, tell us more about you. 

Get involved in our mission to give small and medium enterprises recruitment superpowers by making recruitment simple and accessible for everyone. We want our organization to be just as inclusive and accessible as our service, urging anyone to apply to our open positions. 

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Small teams, global mission

Positions in 10 countries and counting

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Get to know us


Frederik Duckert

Fun fact:

  • Likes fast cars 🏎


Kristijan Thorstensen

Fun fact:

  • Pro at skiing ⛷

Sales Director

Niki Præst

Fun fact:

  • Likes to SUP board 🏄‍♂️

Junior Account Executive

Adrian Gonzales

Fun fact:

  • First employee 🥇

Customer Success and Marketing Specialist

Beatrice Scorza

Fun fact:

  • Art fan 🖼

Motion Graphic Designer & Video editor

Mads Høimark

Fun fact:

  • Loves hats 🧢

Junior Digital Designer

Mathilde Schoubye

Fun fact:

  • Knows karate 🥋

Perks and benefits

From us to you

💼 Flexible working hours and remote work

Flexibility is one of our main values. So is work-life balance because we really care about your life outside Hitalento. We want to ensure that our employees feel comfortable in the space in which are working, which can be our office located in the city center of CPH or your couch/bed at your place.

🍽 Free lunch and coffee

Can we call it a good start to a day if we don’t have at least a cup of coffee in the morning? We are going to provide the right dose of caffeine for you, but also an amazing lunch to gain more energy for the last hours of the afternoon (also available for our vegan friends).

🚀 Skill development

We are a start-up, so we are in a constant process of learning and developing our company. So thus your skills. We want to valorize the ones that you are bringing to us to generate value, but also help you in acquiring new ones.