Join Our Journey Towards a Sustainable Future

Openframe operationalizes your sustainability requirements efficiently and digitally. From new construction to properties in operation.

The Openframe Team

At Openframe, we are proud of the great expertise and diversity we have in our small but super competent team. Four nationalities are represented. We speak a total of more than eight languages ​​and in terms of age we rank from 22-59.

When it comes to experience and know-how, we cover all business areas from development to sales and marketing. We are a strong, dedicated and passionate team looking forward to contributing to Openframe's continued journey towards making sustainability in the construction industry mainstream.

About Openframe

Openframe is an innovative digital platform leading and managing the process of designing and constructing sustainable buildings from project idea to finished building.

The Openframe platform allows building professionals to work effectively with sustainability, documentation and certification. By using Openframe, criteria are made measurable and concrete, and the platform provides an overview of the sustainable process throughout the project.

Openframe was established in 2018, has 10 employees, is scaling up the organization and planning to enter new markets in the upcoming year.

Workplace and Culture

We are a great and diverse group of dedicated people. We work either from our charming, sustainable office at Nørrebro in Copenhagen or remotely - depending on what suits our everyday and private life best. Where or when we work is not important to us, as long as we get our work done. When we are in the office, we eat lunch together, and if we are in the mood or need a bit of exercise, we grab a stretch elastic for a 5 minute group workout.

When we work, we are serious and committed, but we never go out of our way for a good laugh, a Friday beer, celebration of a success or a social event.

We are a highly dynamic and agile team that believes in openness, sharing, and diversity. We are super ambitious and we love putting in the extra effort to achieve our goals. 

Do work that matters

The construction industry is responsible for 30% of the overall CO2 emissions. It is the least digitized industry and for the past 50 years there has been no increase in productivity or efficiency. At Openframe we are very passionate about sustainability, and we are dedicated to making sustainability in the construction industry mainstream.

We are convinced that with Openframe's digital platform to lead the sustainable construction process, we can help the industry speeding up the necessary green and digital transformation.

Great, Committed and Caring Colleagues

Being part of Openframe’s mission as well as being part of a unique, innovative start-up is great. Working in 1st class sustainable surroundings is awesome; but what really makes the difference to all of us and makes our day is the great group of committed, inspiring and caring colleagues.

Part of a Great Journey

We may be a small start-up – but we are aiming high! In the coming years, we expect continued expansion and monthly double-digit growth. We are entering new markets and look forward to getting more great colleagues.

Join us and be part of a great journey. It may be tough at times, but we promise you, it will never be boring!

Always Time for a Social…

We enjoy our work, but no matter how busy we are - we always find time for social activities like, summer and Christmas parties, DHL Race or spontaneous Friday bars – just to mention a few.