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Join us as we work together to give patients with rare clotting disorder a new lifeline and improve health equity around the globe.

About Hemab

Hemab is pioneering the first targeted preventative treatments and functional cures for underserved bleeding and thrombotic disorders - reimagining the standard of care for patients everywhere.

We are a clinical-stage biotech company developing the first prophylactic therapeutics for serious, underserved bleeding and thrombotic disorders. Based in Cambridge, MA, Hemab is progressing a pipeline of monoclonal and bispecific antibody-based therapeutics to transform the treatment paradigm for patients with high unmet need.

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While patients with common bleeding and thrombotic disorders have had access to preventative treatments for more than a half-century, no such measures exist for less-common disorders. For these tens of thousands of women, men and children, life is paralyzingly unpredictable.

A bleeding or thrombotic event can strike any moment, from a simple menstrual period to a routine dental procedure, and cause symptoms so severe that by the time they reach a hospital, it may be too late. It’s time to ensure that every clotting disorder patient has the security and peace of mind they deserve.

Let’s build the ultimate clotting company together!

Our mission

Hemab Therapeutics is pioneering preventative treatments for a full spectrum of underserved bleeding and thrombotic disorders. Building on validated technologies to introduce new prophylactic therapies for patients with genetic inabilities to form clots, Hemab is ensuring that no patient of a blood clotting disorder is ever left behind. 

Our teams are global, diverse, and committed to collaboration, excellent research, and swift development of our potential therapies.  

Hemab and other biotech companies have recently been made aware of a growing number of email scams targeting job candidates in our industry.  

Please note: Hemab will post any legitimate job openings directly on our website ( and through HiTalento, who hosts our career site.

Furthermore, we do not ask candidates to purchase anything through us or to provide sensitive identifiable information via email. If you wish to verify the legitimacy of a job opening, you may contact us through and someone from our team will respond directly.